Leica Van Diemen

These lenses are a true legend.

A full focal length set of cinevised still Leica lenses, from 15mm to 135mm macro. All close focus characteristic.

The hard core of this set are 35mm 50mm 75mm and 100mm (macro)  lenses are perfect for table top shoot.

Being cinevised from stills, some of them will cover Full Frame and Epic Dragon 6K.


  • 15mm T3.5 L980701 CF 6.5″

  • 19mm T2.8 L980703 CF 12″

  • 21mm T4.5 L980121 CF 9″

  • 24mm T3 L990505 CF 7″

  • 28mm T3 L980710 CF 7″

  • 35mm T1.6 L20011 CF 8.5″

  • 50mm T1.6 L980723 CF 15″

  • 75mm T1.6 L980726 CF 18″

  • 100mm T2.8 L960325 (macro lens) CF 16″

  • 135mm T2.8 970630 (macro lens) CF 24″


Watch TYP All Of It But Me shot with Leica Van Diemen