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There are two types of lenses for professional productions, Spherical and Anamorphic. Spherical lenses are very straight forward for use while Anamorphic lenses will take your movie to the edge.

The decision to go Anamorphic is an artistic-story-telling-decision, and movies are to tell stories.

The anamorphic element changes the horizontal angle of a lens by a factor of 2, but leaves the vertical angle untouched. So in fact you have the characteristics of two focal lenses combined in one. That is the special image atmosphere of an anamorphic lens.


Anamorphic characteristics

Anamorphic lenses present a number of unique optical characteristics that may not be found at all in Spherical lenses.

  • story telling image space

  • out of focus of the image resulting a unique anamorphic Bokeh (... is a Japanese expression to describe the virtues of the out of focus in the background)

  • out of focus specular highlights

  • shallow depth of field

  • geometric distortion for wide angle lenses

  • oval flares

  • get aspect ratios wider than the camera’s native ratio without loosing “pixel count”

  • get the organic looking optical aberrations and flares that are typical of anamorphic optics, giving a digitally shot production a unique look that cannot be reproduced in post.


Set consists on 40mm T2.3 50mm T2.3 75mm T2.8 100mm T3.4. All lenses has 80mm front diameter.

A 2X anamorphic "sees" twice as much horizontally as a spherical lens, so on the same sized sensor area, you'd use a 40mm anamorphic to get the same view as a 20mm spherical lens image cropped vertically to create 2.40, and a 40mm lens has less depth of field than a 20mm lens. Think of an anamorphic lens as a spherical lens with a wide-angle adaptor in front, only the wide-angle effect is only applied horizontally.

Milky is 40 yearts old and Champion of The World by Hanan Ben Ari both shot by Roman Lintzky.

Watch and enjoy Dorine Levy's latest music videos LENYROSE and Eli Schwebel's YAGGA, and Feast "Tazeliğin Peşinde" commercial shot with our Kowa anamorphic lenses.

All shot with our Kowa anamorphic lenses, see test.

Please Note!  A set of Kowa Anamorphic lenses is currently in Israel for a limited time.

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Now It’s Your Time

Written & Directed By Michael Mizrachi
Director Of Photography - Tom Riechart
Producer - Jonathan Karmi

Show with our Kowa anamorphic

סטטיק ובן אל בשיר מדליק

Shot by Misha Kaminsky,

Production Studio Roms

with our Kowa anamorphic lenses

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