Cooke S2/3 Panchro

TLS Cooke Speed Panchro Re-housing Project has been going for quite sometime, but the result was worth waiting. The Cooke Speed Panchros, were basically the standard by which other prime lenses were measured between the 1930’s and 1950’s.

The Speed Panchros are notorious for producing beautiful images that simply can not be duplicated in post production.

The optic being in a brand new housing that adds modern day functionality to an otherwise antiquated form. The new Cooke Speed Panchro housings feature some very clever bits including a cam driven focus movement that virtually eliminates focus backlash and shift. The focus cam and follower system also provide adequate distribution of focus marks and a very usable amount of focus rotation


The complete line-up including 18mm 25 32 40 50 75 100mm

Yes commercial. DP Tobias Hochstein shot it with our Cooke S2/3 Speed Panchro rehoused by TLS.

For watch in full HD click here