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We are looking to add more anamorphic lenses and some other unique optical devices.

December 2016: 4th set of Leica Summilux-C

June 2016: 3rd set of Leica Summilux-C including 16mm & 135mm lenses

See chronological updates in the attached PDF file

We love our lenses and cameras, that is why we have them.

Over the years we have assembled a large and diversified sets of lenses which present some of the best and unique optics we enjoyed and loved shooting with.

Simply put, we love to shoot with our Cameras and Lenses, that is why we have them and that is how we produce our best images.

Shooting back in the 1980's with Zeiss Standard lenses going for Cooke S2/3 and Cooke S4 in the 1990's and recently with the amazing Leica Summilux-C lenses, in between we brought into our frames some exotic and unique optics as Kowa Anamorphic, Zeiss Uncoated and Uncoated Cooke zoom, Leica Van Diemen, Canon Slant focus lenses, Angenieux Optimo 17-80, Cinewand Probe Lens system and others.

Recently we have added a set of Cooke Speed Panchro S2/3 rehoused by TLS.